Plane Talk

Plane Talk Lecture Series


The Hill Aerospace Museum hosts a plane talk series featuring speakers related to heritage of Hill Air Force Base, the United States Air Force, other military branches, and many other subjects related aerospace and the defense industry. Plane Talk began at the Hill Aerospace Museum more than twenty years ago. The speaker series has usually taken place at the Hill Aerospace Museum each Saturday during the fall and winter months. The series has featured hundreds of notable speakers including Senator Garn, former Viet Nam prisoner of war, Col. Jay Hess, Rear Admiral Jerry Taylor, Col. Robert H. Hinckley, former USAF SAC Commander, Gen. Russell Dougherty, former Hill AFB Commander, Gen.Marc Reynolds and many more.


Plane Talk begins at 1:00 pm in the Hill Aerospace Museum theater.


December 2017


December 2        1:00 pm           Omeara Daniels                   Boeing Company Factory B-17 Expeditor 

December 9       1:00 pm            No Plane Talk                      Santa and Mrs. Claus Visit the Museum

December 18     1:00 pm           Jim and Linda Crismer       With Mazzie, Retired Narcotics Detection Dog

December 23      1:00 pm          No Plane Talk                      Christmas Break

December 23      1:00 pm          No Plane Talk                      Christmas Break



Additional information on each speaker:

Omeara Daniels

Omeara Daniels is a 95 1/2-year-old woman from Brigham City, Utah. She will talk about her experiences during the early 1940’s working for the Boeing Company in Burbank, California, building B-17’s for the World War II effort. Omeara worked in a number of positions while at Boeing, but most of her time was as an “expeditor” during the B-17 assembly process. Daniels made sure the other workers had all the parts they needed to build the aircraft. During her employment at Boeing, Omeara was instrumental in capturing two German spies that worked in that same Boeing factory.

Jim and Linda Crismer

CWD Mazzie NDD Ret. was adopted by Jim and Linda Crismer of Fruit Heights, Utah in March 2015. Mazzie is a 7-year-old German Shepherd who served in Kuwait as a Narcotics Detection Dog at the airport and along the Kuwait/Iraq border. He was a Contract Working Dog, which means he did the same work as a Military Working Dog, but he was owned by a private company that contracted him to the Kuwaiti government.