C-130 Experience Progress

Education Center February 25, 2019

Before long, visitors will get the opportunity to be hands on with a C-130 “Hercules” at the Hill Aerospace MuseumThe Hill Aerospace Museum team has been hard at work converting a C-130E into an interactive learning space for kids and adults alike.

Lockheed Aircraft manufactured the C-130E in Marietta GA. The aircraft was delivered to the United States Air Force on July 6, 1965 where it started a long career. The aircraft was stationed in California, Tennessee, Virginia, Kansas, Arkansas, and Mississippi before landing at the Hill Aerospace Museum. The aircraft arrived at the Hill Air Force Base in June 2001 for storage, and was moved to the Hill Aerospace Museum in October 2006.

Extensive renovations took place at the Hill Aerospace Museum for the C-130 to be the latest attraction at the Hill Aerospace Museum. The first step was to replace the tires and prepare the aircraft for renovation, then the aircraft was moved onto a concrete pad where the engines, wings and tail were removed. Crews patched the holes where the wings and tails were removed before it was moved into “the pit” attached to the Marc Reynolds Aerospace Center for Education. Once the aircraft was placed in the pit, the aircraft was put on pedestals for permeant display, and breezeway was constructed to connect the fuselage of the aircraft to the Museum. HVAC, electrical and fire suppression systems were installed to prepare the aircraft to house the C-130 Experience.

Currently crews are working on final repairs and clean up in preparation for opening. Renovations on the C-130 should be complete in Spring 2019. Keep an eye out for when you can participate in the C-130 Experience.


Photos by: Todd Cromar, USAF

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