F-4C “Phantom II”

News, Plane of the Week April 26, 2017

McDonnell Douglas F-4C “Phantom II”
S/N 64-0664

Crew:   Two
Engines:   Two General Electric J79-GE-15 turbojets; 17,000 lbs thrust each in afterburner
Wingspan:   38 ft 4 7/8 in
Length:   58 ft 3 3/4 in
Height:   16 ft 3 in
Weight:   max: 58,000 lbs; empty: 28,496 lbs
Speed:   max: 1,433 mph
Range:   ferry: 2,000 miles; combat: 538 miles
Service Ceiling:   56,100 ft
Armament:   4 AIM-7 Sparrow AAMs, 4 AIM-9 Sidewinders, up to 16,000 lbs ordnance
Cost:   $2,200,000 (approximate)

The F-4C was accepted into the United States Air Force in March of 1965. Originally it was retained by the manufacturer for flight testing but was assigned to the Air Force missile Development Center, Air Force Systems Command at Holloman Air Force Base in December 1966.

The aircraft returned to McDonnel-Douglas in May 1967 where it spent two years before being relocated to the Air Force Armament Test Center at Eglin Air Force Base in March of 1969. During its service at Eglin, the F-4C was deployed to Edwards Air Force Base before going back to McDonnell-Douglas in October 1977.

In October 1980 the aircraft was transferred to Air Force Flight Test Center at Edwards Air Force Base, then was transferred to McDonnell-Douglas before moving to the Ogden Air Logistics Center at Hill Air Force Base in August 1981. At Hill AFB, the aircraft flew flight test and weapons missions until March 1988 when it was dropped from the active Air Force inventory and transferred to museum status. The aircraft was placed on static display at the Officers’ Club.

In the Spring of 2005, the State of Utah awarded Funding to the Aerospace Heritage Foundation of Utah for the aircraft to be relocated to a new pedestal on the Museum grounds. The aircraft was repainted and relocated to the Hill Aerospace Museum in the Fall of 2006.


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