Utah Aviation Hall of Fame Videos

The videos found below are produced by the Aerospace Heritage Foundation of Utah to recognize the accomplishments, heroic activities, and contributions of members of the Utah Aviation Hall of Fame. Their impact on aviation in the State of Utah, the United States Air Force, and Hill Air Force Base are monumental and have left their mark in history.

 •    The videos are written and directed by Mr. Eric Temple of Highway 89 Media in Ogden, Utah.

•    Funding for the video project was generously provided by “The ALSAM Foundation” of Salt Lake City, Utah.

All Videos in the project will be finished by the end of summer 2017


Maj. Gen. Orvil A. Anderson

Lt. Colonel Paul Bloomquist

General John Kenneth Cannon

Vern and Jessie Carter

Brig. Gen. Darrell Stuart Cramer

Major General William E. Creer

Emmett “Cyclone” Davis

Colonel Glenn Todd Eagleston

Captain  Richard Taylor Eastmond

Colonel Bernard F. Fisher

Jacob Edwin Garn

Senator Jake Garn

Lt. Commander William E. Hall

Colonel Gail Halvorsen

Robert H. Hinckley

Colonel Lorin LaVar Johnson

Lt. Col. Clifford Dale Jolley

Colonel William R. Macfarlane

Colonel Russell L. Maughan

Ardeth “Art” Mortensen

Alberta Hunt Nicholson

Lt. Colonel Chase J. Nielsen

Major General Chesley Gordon Peterson

Major Alden P. Rigby

Lieutenant General Marc C. Reynolds

Brigadier General Richard Condie Sanders

Colonel Walter T. Stewart

Captain Harold A. Sweet

Brig. Gen. Paul W. Tibbets

Lt. Wendell Van Twelves

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