Mission, Vision, Goals and History

The Hill Aerospace Museum’s Mission is:

Research, conserve, interpret, and present the mission, history, heritage, and traditions of the U.S Air Force, Hill Air Force Base and Utah aviation through engaging exhibits, educational outreach, special programs, and the stewardship of the national historic collection.

Museum Vision:

With the support of Museum Staff, the Aerospace Heritage Foundation of Utah, and Air Force Material Command History Office, the Hill Aerospace Museum has a clear vision—to serve as the premier Air Force Field Museum—leading the way for others to follow! Driving this vision are our aspirations to increase public and governmental interest in aviation, support a robust and diverse visitor base, maintain responsible and ethical collection management practices, and improve educational elements for all ages—ultimately inspiring the Airmen of tomorrow by turning curious visitors into patrons of aviation! To meet these objectives, we envision the expansion and enhancement of our facilities/grounds to house the majority of the collection, the transformation of our storyline and artifact exhibition to educate the public on our focused mission, improvement of staff and artifact care, and execution of unique educational experiences. To meet these goals, several strategic initiatives must occur in several programs across our institution.

Museum Strategic Goals:

1)      Improve Focus, Care & Display of Collection

2)      Expand & Improve Education Program

3)      Improve Staff & Patron Experience

4)      Improve Resource Planning & Utilization

Hill Aerospace Museum History:

•  Hill AFB opened its first museum on 6 April 1946, displaying World War II weapons and equipment, and closed it a year later

•  Hill AFB open its second museum on 26 March 1950, displaying World War II weapons and equipment, and closed it three years later

•  In 1979, the Secretary of the Air Force initiated the Air Force Heritage Program

•  In 1981, Hill AFB became involved in the Air Force Heritage Program•Ø  In 1983, members of the community founded the Aerospace Heritage Foundation of Utah—a private, nonprofit organization—to fundraise and support the planned Hill AFB museum

•  On 27 January 1984, Maj Gen Marc Reynolds, Ogden Air Logistics Center commander, hosted the initial “Kickoff” For Hill AFB’s new museum

•  By 1987, Hill AFB had the “Heritage Museum and Aerospace Park,” which operated on the current museum grounds; utilized what is now the restoration facility (Bldg. 1919) as the museum; and featured 26 aircraft, 5 missiles, and several artifacts

•  Through Foundation lobbying efforts, the State of Utah provided $5M for the construction of a new facility (administrative and Hadley Gallery) in 1988—with the new structure gifted in 1991 and titled the Hill Aerospace Museum

•  In 1999, the Air Force dedicated the second facility (Lindquist-Stewart Gallery), a contribution made possible through the supporting Foundation

•  Today, both Foundation and Museum staff are working towards a third gallery