Mission and Goals

The Hill Aerospace Museum’s Mission is:

The Mission of the Hill Aerospace Museum is to Educate and inspire all ages through history, with a focus on the United States Air Force, Hill Air Force Base, Utah Aviation, and unique learning experiences.

Our Goals are:

•  to meet the USAF Museum System requirements as defined by Air Force Instruction 84-103 Museum System

to collect, preserve, and display historically significant USAF artifacts

• to depict the significant role that Hill Air Force Base and the State of Utah have had in USAF history

• to foster a neighborly relationship between Hill AFB and its surrounding communities, thereby strengthening USAF public relations

• to provide an educational setting where visitors can learn more about the history, function, and mission of the United States Air Force, its role in our nation’s defense, and its aircraft and how they function

• to maintain the highest standards of the museum profession and to serve as a leader in the museum community, encouraging cooperation among museums and promoting continuous sharing of ideas and information.