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 Plane Talk Lecture Series


The Hill Aerospace Museum hosts a plane talk series featuring speakers related to heritage of Hill Air Force Base, the United States Air Force, other military branches, and many other subjects related aerospace and the defense industry. Plane Talk began at the Hill Aerospace Museum more than twenty years ago. The speaker series has usually taken place at the Hill Aerospace Museum each Saturday during the fall and winter months. The series has featured hundreds of notable speakers including Senator Garn, former Viet Nam prisoner of war, Col. Jay Hess, Rear Admiral Jerry Taylor, Col. Robert H. Hinckley, former USAF SAC Commander, Gen. Russell Dougherty, former Hill AFB Commander, Gen.Marc Reynolds and many more.

 Plane Talk begins at 1:00 pm in the Hill Aerospace Museum theater.


April 2019


April 6         1:00 pm         Robb S. Alexander, Jr.       Executive Director, Aerospace Heritage Foundation of Utah

pril 13         1:00 pm         Don Moore                            U.S. Army Special Forces, FAA Certified Parachute Rigger

April 20      1:00 pm         Bob Lee                                  Retired USAF Lt. Col

April 27      1:00 pm         Mike John                              U.S. Marine Corps Veteran — Naval Aviator


Additional information on each speaker:

Robb S. Alexander, Jr.

Robb Alexander serves as the executive director of the Aerospace Heritage Foundation of Utah. He joined the Foundation on January 1, 2013. The Aerospace Heritage Foundation of Utah is a private, non-profit organization founded in 1982. The mission of the Foundation is to provide capital support for the Hill Aerospace Museum for facility improvement and expansion, exhibit design and fabrication and STEM education activities. It essentially provides resources for those Museum projects for which USAF funding is not available.

 Robb manages the day to day operations of the Aerospace Heritage Foundation of Utah. He is the primary Foundation liason with the USAF and the Hill Aerospace Museum. Alexander oversees museum marketing, social media, Web page, and media relations. He manages all Foundation fundraising efforts as well as Foundation legislative relations activities. He oversees Foundation staff which includes the Flight Line Gift Shop manager, Foundation administrative assistant / marketing associate, Foundation STEM Education employees as well as other part-time employees. Robb is also responsible for administering the Foundation budget and related activities. Alexander is currently a member of both the Davis Chamber of Commerce and Ogden Weber Chamber of Commerce Legislative Relations committees. He is also a member of the Top of Utah Military Affairs Committee.

Prior to joining the Aerospace Heritage Foundation of Utah, Alexander was senior development director at Weber State University. He spent more than 29 years employed at the university. During his tenure at WSU, he not only raised millions of dollars for numerous campus programs and disciplines, he was active in campus and community affairs. Robb was selected as a recipient of the Weber State Presidential Outstanding Professional Staff award in 2002. Robb received the Patti N. Choate Distinguished Service Award in 2004 from the Utah Society of Fundraisers, the highest award that organization can give to a professional fundraiser. He Also received the Weber State Crystal Crest Young Alumnus of the Year award in 1983. Robb was appointed to the Weber State Credit Union Board of Directors in the Fall of 2001, He was chair of the Weber State Credit Union Board from 2005 to 2009.

 Alexander has served as Chair of the Chamber Ogden/Weber’s Partners in Education Committee and as Chair of the Chamber’s Member Events Committee and as a member of the “Spikers,” the Chamber’s community ambassadors. He served on the CASE (Council for Advancement and Support of Education) District VII Board of Directors from 1998 to 2002. Robb is public address announcer for the Weber State Men’s and Women’s Basketball.

Don Moore

Don Moore was born & raised in Ogden, Utah. He made my first parachute jump at the age of 15 yrs.  Moore joined the Army Special Forces after high school and became a Parachute Rigger.  Later on in his career as a rigger, Don was assigned to the “test and research” unit testing new parachutes. Moore worked with the United States Air Force and NASA developing parachutes for heavy equipment delivery and recovery.  Don became a certified FAA rigger in civilian life.

Carl Jensen

Carl Jensen was born in 1930 and grew up in Ely, Nevada. He graduated from White Pine High School and went to the University of Houston and Brigham Young University. Carl Served in the U.S. Army on the Nike Ajax (SAM) Missile, Acquisition Radar Technician and Operator.  He also worked for The Marquardt Corporation, General Dynamics Astronautics, and Boeing. Through his career he worked on the Atlas D, Titan 1, Minuteman III, and Peace Keeper Program.

Bob Lee

Bob Lee was born in Washington, DC in 1947.  His family moved to Maryland, just outside of Andrews AFB—maybe that’s why he’s here today.  He attended West Virginia University where he graduated ROTC in 1969 with a BS in Aerospace Engineering and headed to Laredo AFB, TX, for UPT.  His first assignment was at Dyess AFB, TX, flying C-130 E’s and H2’s.  He served 11 worldwide deployments (rotes) to Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa.

 In 1977 he and his bride, Kat, moved to Rhein Main AB, Germany. Bob flew C-130 E’s as an instructor/ examiner for AWADS, SOLL, HALO and for Berlin Corridor operations. Soon it was on to Edwards AFB, CA for USAFTPS. Following graduation, he was stationed at Wright-Patterson AFB, OH as a research test pilot. His duties included multiple test programs, test pilot for the C-130 simulator. He flew C-130 A/E/H and the T-37B as an instructor/evaluator. From 1983-1986 he was the project manager on the T-46A Next Generation Trainer program, also at WPAFB.  He completed his MS in Industrial Management in his free time. From 1986-1993 he served as Ops Officer, Test Force director, and Deputy for Engineering in the 6545th Test Group here at Hill AFB. He flew NC-130 B/E/H as a research test pilot. 

Upon retirement from USAF, he flew commercially for the airlines from 1994 until mandatory retirement. He flew B-737-2/3/4/7/8/900 series aircraft.  From 2007-2009, he was a Boeing contract instructor in the ground/simulator training department.

Mike John

Mike John was a U.S Marine Corps Naval Aviator. John completed 142 Combat Missions in Viet Nam flying the Grumman A-6 Intruder All-Weather Attack Jet from 1969-1970. Mike was also a Flight Instructor in the Naval Air Training Basic Jet Training Command. Following his career in the Marines, John was  an FAA Air Traffic Controller, Instructor and Area Manager.


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