Museum Events and Activities


Fly Me to the Moon

The Hill Aerospace Museum and Clark Planetarium are putting on Fly Me to the Moon, a FREE week-long special event to highlight the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Ms. Jessica Vos, a NASA Engineer, will be traveling from Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, to teach courses and lectures focusing on the capabilities necessary for human space exploration.

An educational course, offered at eight different times, and two evening lectures will take place between 15 – 20 July 2019. Education classes are open for participants of all ages, and evening lectures are geared towards an adult audience. 

STEM Summer Passport Program 

****The Hill Aerospace Museum Education Staff will teach classes in Astronomy, Electricity, C-130 Experience, Chemistry, Forces of Flight, Magnetics, Mission to Mars, Simple Machines, Rockets, and Weather the summer of 2019. Class times will vary with two classes each day. (Check the Museum Web page.) The classes will be open to youth at least eight years of age on a first come first served basis. Parents are encouraged to attend the classes with the kids.

One Passport will be issued to each participant. Please keep track of your Passport and bring it with you each time you attend class. Once the class is complete, your Passport will be stamped. You MUST have your Passport with you to receive credit for the class. Once your Passport has eight stamps, you will receive your pin and certificate.

A special “Fly Me to the Moon” series, commemorating the  50th anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing will be held the week of July 15, 2019

STEM Summer Saturdays, sponsored by Weber County RAMP, will also be a part of the STEM Passport program. 

**REMINDER! The STEM Summer Passport Program is not going on the week of July 15 – 20. INSTEAD, we have the Fly Me To the Moon series going on! The STEM Summer Passport Program will be back next week! See you there.**

Annual Easter Egg Hunt

The Hill Aerospace Museum “Annual Easter Egg Hunt” draws thousands of people to the museum. More than 10,000 plastic eggs, treats and prized are carefully placed around the museum grounds. Areas are cordoned off according to age group. Then at the appointed hour the horn blows and then all of the goodies that took months to prepare are gathered up by anxious children within minutes. A fun morning for all those present. A great opportunity for the community to visit the Hill Aerospace Museum. The Easter Egg Hunt will return in 2020!  

Museum STEM Summer Passport Program

Coming up in Summer 2019, Hill Aerospace Museum will host the 2nd Annual Summer STEM Passport Program. During the week our Education staff will be offering classes in Astronomy, Chemistry, Electricity, Forces of Flight, Helicopters, It’s All in the Tilt, Magnetics, Mission to Mars, Simple Machines, Rockets, and Weather. Class times will vary each day with two or three classes each day. The classes will be open to kids at least six years of age on a first come first served basis. Parents are welcome to attend the classes with the kids. Each student will be issued a Museum STEM Passport. A subject page in the Passport will be stamped after each class session. When the kids get all of the pages stamped by attending all classes, they will receive a special pin.  More details will be available soon. Stay tuned to this page or call the Hill Aerospace Museum at 801-825-5817 for details.

Utah Governor Gary Herbert has identified aerospace as the segment that is most vital to our economy. The role of Reynolds Aerospace Center for Education fits perfectly in today’s emphasis on STEM (Science, Math, Engineering and Technology) courses. It is our desire that the Aerospace Center for Learning will spark the interest of science in the lives of our young people and lead them to careers in Aerospace or other science related fields. To learn more about STEM Summer Passport Program, go to


The Hill Aerospace Museum is open all year long.  FREE ADMISSION

Museum hours are 9:00 am – 4:30 pm, Monday through Saturday.

Science Saturdays, a part of the Weber County RAMP program, will take place most Saturdays during the summer. Different drop-in activities will go on throughout the year.  Activities such as rocket building, electricity demonstrations and other fun stuff will be offered.

The Lt. Gen. Marc C. Reynolds Aerospace Center for Education is going strong. Numerous activities will take place throughout the year that will be of interest to kids as well. You group reservations during the school year contact the Museum at the number listed below.

In cooperation with the Clark Planetarium, the Museum Education department will host special STEM activities on the second Saturday of each Month. November 2018 will feature a segment on Newton’s Laws and will be held at Clark Planetarium.

For more information on Hill Aerospace Museum activities contact Kelsey at 801-825-5817.

Annual Santa Claus Museum Visit

Santa Claus Visits the Hill Aerospace Museum each December much to the delight of hundreds of kids that have an opportunity to sit on Santa’s lap, tell Santa what they want for Christmas, pose for a selfie or two and score on some great treats.  Santa Claus will be back at the Hill Aerospace Museum in December 2019.