Museum Events and Activities

Annual Easter Egg Hunt

The Hill Aerospace Museum “Annual Easter Egg Hunt” draws thousands of people to the museum. More than 10,000 plastic eggs, treats and prized are carefully places around the museum grounds. Areas are cordoned off according to age group. Then at the appointed hour the horn blows and then all of the goodies that took months to prepare are gathered up by anxious children within minutes. A fun morning for all those present. A great opportunity for the community to visit the Hill Aerospace Museum. the 2015 Easter Egg Hunt 


Hill Aerospace Museum’s Aviation Camp is held each summer. 

The summer of 2017 marks the sixth year of STEM Camp offered to elementary aged students. Groups of thirty students attended a four-day camp that teaches science and aviation fundamentals. Utah Governor Gary Herbert has identified aerospace as the segment that is most vital to our economy. The role of ACE in education fits perfectly in today’s emphasis on STEM (Science, Math, Engineering and Technology) courses. It is our desire that the Aerospace Center for Learning will spark the interest of science in the lives of our young people and lead them to careers in Aerospace or other science related fields. To learn more about aviation camp go to www.aerospaceutah/aviation-camp.


The Hill Aerospace Museum is open all summer long.

Museum hours are 9:00 am – 4:30 pm, Monday through Saturday.

A myriad of activities are available to kids all summer long at the Museum. . Cal’s Coloring Corner takes place each Saturday where kids can color Museum aircraft caricatures drawn by Cal Grondahl, former editorial cartoonist of the Standard Examiner.

Science Saturdays, a part of the Weber County RAMP program, will take place most Saturdays during the summer. Different drop-in activities will go on throughout the summer. Activities such as rocket building, electricity demonstrations and other fun stuff will be offered.

The Lt. Gen. Marc C. Reynolds Aerospace Center for Education will be up and running during the summer of 2018. Numerous activities will take place throughout the summer that will be of interest to kids as well.

The Hill Aerospace Museum’s STEM Camp will again take place this summer.

The camp is open to kids in fourth and fifth grade. Fun camp activities deal with the science behind aviation. Students will be involved with practical demonstrations and hands-on activities, learning subjects such as lift, drag, thrust, gravity, rocketry, and Bernoulli’s Theory of Flight. There will be a field trip each week to Hill AFB facilities including the Air Traffic Control Tower. Camp dates will be announced soon.. The cost of the camp is $50 per person per week. Applications are available on-line at Applications are due one-month prior to camp.

For more information on Hill Aerospace Museum summer activities contact Kelsey at 801-825-5817.

Annual Santa Claus Museum Visit

Santa Claus Visits the Hill Aerospace Museum each December much to the delight of hundreds of kids that have an opportunity to sit on Santa’s lap, tell Santa what they want for Christmas, pose for a selfie or two and score on some great treats. Santa will be at the Museum on Saturday, December 9, 2017 at 10:00 am.