Events & Activities

C-130 Experience

Check out the C-130 Experience in the Aerospace Center for Education! You can walk through a restored C-130E and learn more about the “Swiss Army Knife of Planes”.

During the C-130 Experience you will find out about the history of the aircraft while INSIDE the airframe! This plane has the amazing ability to do so many jobs and is still used today. Keep an eye on the sky around Hill Air Force Base, you may see one flying overhead.

STEM Summer Passport Program

The Hill Aerospace Museum Education Staff will teach classes in Astronomy, Electricity, C-130 Experience, Chemistry, Forces of Flight, Magnetics, Mission to Mars, Simple Machines, Rockets, and Weather the summer. Class times will vary with two classes each day. (Check the Museum Web page.) The classes will be open to youth at least eight years of age on a first come first served basis. Parents are encouraged to attend the classes with the kids.

One Passport will be issued to each participant. Please keep track of your Passport and bring it with you each time you attend class. Once the class is complete, your Passport will be stamped. You MUST have your Passport with you to receive credit for the class. Once your Passport has eight stamps, you will receive your pin and certificate.

STEM Summer Saturdays, sponsored by Weber County RAMP, will also be a part of the STEM Passport program.

**The STEM Summer Passport Program will return Summer 2020.**

Annual Easter Egg Hunt

The Hill Aerospace Museum “Annual Easter Egg Hunt” 2021 Edition is different than in past years. Beginning March 17, 2021, 25 numbered Easter Egg stickers will be placed throughout the museum that will have a code word printed on them. Museum patrons will have the opportunity to take a sheet of paper with numbers from 1 to 25 printed on them around the museum and write the Easter Egg code word on the sheet of as many of the eggs possible. If a patron is able get 10 code words written down on the paper, they can take it to the Gift Shop to receive a candy bar donated by Hershey’s. If they get 20 code words written they can receive 2 candy bars. If a person gets all 25 code words correctly, their name will be eligible for a Hill Aerospace Museum Gift Basket.

Commanders’ Cup Golf Tournament

The 202l Commanders’ Cup Golf Tournament is set for Tuesday, September 7, 2021 at the Hubbard Golf Course on Hill air Force Base. Shotgun start at 12:00 noon. For further information, please call Robb Alexander at 801-825-5936.

All Proceeds from the Commanders’ Cup go to the Hill Aerospace Museum.


The Hill Aerospace Museum is open all year long. FREE ADMISSION

Temporary Museum hours are 10:00 am – 4:00 pm, Tuesday through Saturday.

The Lt. Gen. Marc C. Reynolds Aerospace Center for Education is going strong. Numerous activities will take place throughout the year that will be of interest to kids as well. You group reservations during the school year contact the Museum at the number listed below.

For more information on Hill Aerospace Museum activities call 801-775-3497 or email