Douglas A-26B Invader

  • Douglas A-26B Invader
  • Douglas A-26B Invader
  • Douglas A-26B Invader

Douglas A-26B Invader

The A-26B attack aircraft entered combat in Europe during World War II. The Army Air Forces (AAF) used A-26s for bomb drops, ground target attacks and rocket attacks. The United States Air Force (USAF) continued to utilize the A-26 during the Korea and Vietnam Wars to combat enemy ground forces.

Douglas A-26B Invader Blueprint

Douglas A-26B Invader

Serial Number: 44-35617

Crew: Three to four

Engines: Two Pratt & Whitney R-2800-27 18-cylinder, double-row radial; 2,000 horsepower each

Wingspan: 70 feet

Length: 50 feet 8 inches

Height: 18 feet 6 inches

Weight: 22,362 pounds (empty); 41,800 pounds (loaded)

Speed: 376 mph

Range: 2,914 miles

Service Ceiling: 24,500 feet

Armament: Sixteen to eighteen .50-caliber machine guns; 6,000 pounds of bombs

Cost: $192,457 (average A-26 cost of unit as of 1944)

The A-26B Invader at Hill Air Force Base

From the start of World War II until 1970, Hill Air Force Base provided a variety of maintenance for the A-26 aircraft, from engine service and storage to complete overhauls.

The A-26B on display was originally designated as a C model and entered service in 1945. After various assignments, it transferred to Hill Aerospace Museum in 1990. The aircraft was restored to its earlier B model design and painted in the black and red scheme of the 13th Bombardment Squadron (Light), “the Devil’s Own Grim Reapers,” that served in the Korea War.

What was the A-26 Invader used for?

The Invader was used as a ground attack and light bomber from 1943 until 1952, before being reactivated to participate in the Vietnam War from 1960 to 1964.

Was the A-26 used in Vietnam?

By 1960, the Invader was primarily used for both day and night reconnaissance runs.

How fast could the A-26 fly?

The Invader could hit a max speed of 359 mph, but typically cruised at 266 mph with a range of 1,600 miles.

Who made the A-26?

Douglas Aircraft produced 2,503 A-26 Invaders between 1943 and 1945.

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