Burgess-Wright Flyer

  • Burgess-Wright Flyer
  • Burgess-Wright Flyer
  • Burgess-Wright Flyer
  • Burgess-Wright Flyer

History of the Burgess-Wright Flyer Model F

This aircraft is a replica of the Burgess-Wright Model B Flyer, which the Burgess Company renamed their Model F Flyer and started manufacturing in 1910. The Flyer was a result of an agreement between Burgess and the Wright brothers, making the Burgess Company the first licensed aircraft manufacturer in the United States. Over 100 of these Model F Flyers were built for military and commercial use.

Burgess-Wright Flyer Model F Blueprint

Burgess-Wright Flyer Model F

Serial Number: 69115

Manufacturer: Burgess Company

Crew: One

Engines: Wright Water-Cooled, Four-Cylinder In-Line

Wingspan: 38 feet 6 inches

Length: 8 feet 9 inches

Height: 29 feet

Weight: 1,270 pounds

Speed: 42 mph (maximum)

Range: 110 miles

Service Ceiling: Unknown

Armament: None

Cost: $5,000 (approximately)

History of the Burgess-Wright Flyer Model F in Utah

By 1910, Utah had seen its first flight by a manned aircraft and, soon after, demonstrations and competitions began springing up around the state. In 1911, an aviation carnival was held in Salt Lake City’s Bonneville Park, which included Utah’s first race between the Wright and Curtiss flight teams. During the weeklong event, both teams demonstrated the abilities and applications of their flying machines, including a hydroplane liftoff from the Great Salt Lake and various bombing demonstrations. In 1999, the Aerospace Heritage Foundation of Utah acquired this aircraft from the Owls Head Transportation Museum in Maine and it was put on display at Hill Aerospace Museum soon after.

What was the Burgess-Wright Flyer?

The Model F was the world’s first licensed aircraft manufactured in the United States, thanks to an agreement between the Burgess Company and the Wright Brothers.

How fast could the Burgess-Wright fly?

The flyer had a top speed of 45 mph and a range of 110 miles.

How many Model Fs were produced?

Approximately 100 were produced.