Republic F-84G Thunderjet

  • Republic F-84G Thunderjet
  • Republic F-84G Thunderjet
  • Republic F-84G Thunderjet
  • Republic F-84G Thunderjet

History of the F-84G Thunderjet

The F-84G was built at the request of the Tactical Air Command, who needed a light, fighter bomber able to deliver tactical nuclear weapons. These aircraft were first manufactured in 1947 with a design that allowed nuclear weapon delivery and they included the first ever, in-flight, refueling receptacle. These aircraft are well-known mostly for their role during the Korean War, where they were used to attack enemy railroads, bridges and supply depots.

Republic F-84G-25-RE Thunderjet Blueprint

Republic F-84G-25-RE Thunderjet

Serial Number: 52-3242

Manufacturer: Republic Aviation Corporation

Crew: One

Engines: One Allison J35-A-29 turbojet; 5,600 pounds thrust

Wingspan: 36 feet 5 inches

Length: 38 feet 1 inch

Height: 12 feet 7 inches

Weight: 10,205 pounds (empty); 22,460 pounds (maximum)

Speed: 622 mph (maximum)

Range: 2,000 miles

Service Ceiling: 40,500 feet

Armament: Up to 4,000 pounds external nuclear ordnance

Cost: $147,699

The F-84G Thunderjet at Hill Air Force Base

Starting in 1952, Hill Air Force Base began its extensive depot maintenance and supply support for the F-84s. Some of the more specialized maintenance included repairs on the RF-84F and F-84F engine and the Buick-Wright J-65. Hill Air Force Base personnel accomplished depot maintenance on the F-84s until 1959. In total, more than 800 F-84s passed through this installation for repairs and were sent back into service with units across the country. The F-84G on display was manufactured in 1953 and served on bases both in the United States (US) and England. After retiring from the US Air Force inventory in 1957, the aircraft was acquired by Midvale, Utah, and displayed at a playground in Midvale City Park for twenty-two years. In 1983, Hill Aerospace Museum acquired the aircraft for restoration. After the aircraft’s completed restoration in 1995, it was put on display at Hill Aerospace Museum.

What’s the difference between the Thunderstreak and the Thunderjet?

The Thunderstreak is based off the Thunderjet but incorporates a swept wing design.

How many Thunderjets were built?

A total of 7,500 F-84s were built between 1947 and the mid-1960s.

Was the Thunderjet used in combat?

Used as the United States Air Forces primary strike aircraft in Korea, the F-84 destroyed approximately 60% of all ground targets.

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