A Special Visitor at the Hill Aerospace Museum

Uncategorized, News October 19, 2017

Omeara Daniels, a 95 1/2 year old woman from Brigham City, Utah visited the Hill Aerospace Museum to talk about her experiences in the early 1940’s working for Boeing in Burbank, California building B-17’s for the World War II effort. Omeara worked in a number of positions while at Boeing, but most of her time was as an “expeditor” during the B-17 assembly process. She made sure the other workers had all the parts they needed to build the aircraft. During her employment at Boeing, Omeara was instrumental in capturing two German spies that worked in that same Boeing factory.

Omeara will return the the Hill Aerospace Museum on December 2, 2017 as a featured speaker in the Museum’s Plane Talk Lecture Series.


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