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STEM Stuff Video Series

The Hill Aerospace Museum Reynolds Aerospace Center for Education staff has compiled a number of basic videos outlining some of the STEM subjects offered to young patrons at the Museum. Please take a minute or two, click on the image below and enjoy some cool information on your favorite STEM subject.

Click on the image below to play the Video! 

Forces of Flight

The four "Forces of Flight are lift", the upward acting force; weight, or gravity, the downward acting force; thrust, the forward acting force; and drag, the backward acting, or retarding force of wind resistance. This video explains that principle. Click on the image above to play the video.

Vortex Generator

Learn about the physics of air movement with a "Vortex Generator" or sometimes called a Vortex Cannon. You can make one of these at home with your parents!

Static Electricity

Static electricity occurs when there is a build-up of electrons on something, giving it an electric charge. The electrons will then be attracted to something with less electric charge, so they'll jump to an object that has fewer electrons. Take a look at this fun video to learn about Static Electricity.

VanDegraaff Generator

A Vandegraaff Generator is an electrical device that produces a high voltage by building up a charge of static electricity. This is a great demonstration of interactions between positive and negative charges which is known as static electricity.

Building Helicopters

This demonstration on how to build and fly a paper helicopter is a fun activity for kids. Plus, it teaches some basic principles of flight and how helicopters stay in the air. You'll enjoy this learning opportunity

Aircraft Designations

Have you ever wondered what the letters before the aircraft types mean? For example, what does the "B" stand for in the B-29 aircraft designation? This Hill Aerospace Museum STEM Series Video will answer all of those questions. Enjoy and have fun!