Our Team

Our Team

Board Officers:

Chairman: Kevin Sullivan
Vice Chairman: Barney Chapman
Secretary: Dave Perry
Treasurer: Weston Saunders


Terry Bean, Pat Condon, Barney Chapman, Sheryl Cox, Ed Ehrenberger, Tage Flint, Brian Garrett, Pat Gillmore, Walt Gould, Kevin Ireland, Steve Lindquist, Bill Love, Donald “Mickey” McPartland, Scott Nowlin, Don Pantone, Dave Perry, Weston Saunders, Max Stitzer, Francesca Suarez, Kevin J. Sullivan, Linnea Weller, Frank Wells

Emeritus Members:

Rich Collings, Richard F. Quimby, Russ Westcott, Audrey Wolff

Foundation Staff:

Robb S. Alexander, Jr., Executive Director

Elisabeth Cropper, Operations Manager

Jake Murray, Education Specialist

Jocelyn St. Laurent, Education

Lisa Wilson, Flight Line Gift Shop Manager

The Aerospace Heritage Foundation of Utah

The Aerospace Heritage Foundation of Utah was founded in 1983. The foundation is the primary financial support organization of the Hill Aerospace Museum. The Air Force does provide funding for heat, lights, and basic essentials. The foundation assumes most of the financial responsibility for maintenance and restoration of aircraft, production and upkeep of displays, artifacts, programs, and supplies for the Lt. Gen. Marc C. Reynolds Aerospace Center for Education.

The Aerospace Heritage Foundation of Utah owns and operates the Flight Line Gift Shop. Gift shop proceeds go toward funding Museum needs. The Foundation administers the Museum’s Plane Talk Lecture Series which takes place on Saturdays at the Museum from September through April.

Foundation responsibilities also include marketing of Museum activities, partnerships with local school districts and industry partners and handles all social media of the Hill Aerospace Museum.

We have a gift. We have the ability to educate. We have the ability to inform. We have the ability to invent and astound. The Hill Aerospace Museum is a jewel in the crown of Northern Utah.

An area rich in education and innovation. Hill Aerospace Museum helps extend these gifts to the community. We show our heritage. We show our history. We show patriotism. We show STEM Education. We show what is possible!

We showcase the history of Hill Air Force Base, We showcase the legacy of flight in the State of Utah. We showcase the possibilities of the future through our Aerospace Center for Education.