Artifact Donation Information

Hill Aerospace Museum Artifact Donation

Hill Aerospace Museum generally welcomes gifts of objects, photographs and documents that enhance or develop the collection. Due to limited resources and the high cost of managing museum collections and providing for their long-term care, the museum is unable to accept donations that do not support its mission, have high maintenance costs, or that would lead to redundancies in the collection.

As part of the USAF Heritage Program, the Hill Aerospace Museum must handle donations according to the following guidelines:

  • No gifts or donations that come with limiting conditions will be accepted.
  • Donations are to the Air Force historical property collection, not to Hill Aerospace Museum specifically.
  • Hill Aerospace Museum staff are prohibited from assigning a value to a donation for donor tax purposes. If a value is needed please consult an outside appraiser. If a donation is accepted by the museum, a proffer of gift will be supplied to the donor.
  • Historical material that does not support the museum’s mission or is not related to Hill Air ForceBase, the Ogden Air Logistics Complex or Utah aviation will not be accepted at the HillAerospace Museum. In such cases, materials may be referred to the National Museum of the Air Force for further consideration.

Please do not send or deliver objects without prior consultation. All offers must be made in writing. To offer an object for donation to the Hill Aerospace Museum, please complete the attached worksheet and submit it, along with a photograph of the item, electronically to the Museum Curator, Justin Hall, at

Click Here to Download an Artifact Donation Worksheet