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Volunteers are the Backbone of the Museum

The Hill Aerospace Museum volunteer staff presently boasts 100 active, personable, experienced, dedicated individuals from all walks of life, including active duty Air Force personnel. They range in age from the teens to 80+ years young.
Volunteering at the museum offers many rewarding and challenging areas in which diverse talents and expertise may be utilized. The various job descriptions for our volunteers are as follows:

The volunteers have been presented many individual awards, including the State of Utah Director of Volunteers Outstanding Volunteer Award, the Utah Volunteer of the Year Award, three Air Force Angel Awards, the Utah Governor’s Silver Bowl Award, Volunteer Excellence Award, and Utah Museum Volunteer of the Year Award.



The volunteer staff has also won numerous other awards as a group. Among these are the Air Force Group Angel Award, the Utah Chapter of Valley Forge Outstanding Award, the Utah Governor’s Helping Hands Award, and the national J.C. Penney Golden Rule Award, along with a $1,000 grant for the Volunteer Staff. These awards are not given lightly, as they entailed state-wide or nation-wide competition.

This unusual conglomerate of volunteers staff the museum six days a week, a different team for each day. They work weekends and holidays and give up many hours of their time, often sacrificing their personal plans to accommodate the requirements of the museum. Their extreme dedication goes far beyond the expectations for “normal” volunteers. The visiting public is always giving them accolades for their warmth, friendliness, and hospitality, as well as voicing heartfelt thanks for the many long hours of restoration work performed on our aircraft and other artifacts.

The people who choose to volunteer at Hill Aerospace Museum find it a very rewarding experience. Consequently, our turn-over rate is very low. Many of our people have volunteered for the past ten years or more. Many have logged more than 5,000 hours, while a few have given upwards of 16,000 hours. Collectively, the volunteers at the museum have donated over 300,000 hours and the total is rising all the time. This donated time has saved the American taxpayer an estimated $2,500,000 in operating expenses for the museum.


If you are interested in volunteering at Hill Aerospace Museum, please call our Volunteer Coordinator, Dennis Guse, at (801) 777-5221. Or click on the link below. We’d love to have your help!

Volunteer of the Quarter

Each quarter the Hill Aerospace Museum selects a “Volunteer of the Quarter.” Each quarter the current Volunteer of the Quarter will be listed right here on our Web page.

Dan Norgail- First Quarter 2023

Dan Norgail began a distinguished career in the United States Air Force in 1962. His assignments included Electric Intercept Operator/Analyst, Administrative Specialist, Electronic Computer Systems Technician, Integrated Avionics Systems Technician/Superintendent, Electronics/Avionics Superintendent, Avionics/Aircraft Maintenance Superintendent. He worked various intelligence/electronic systems, computerized air defense/control systems in the United States and in Europe; he worked ground directed bombing in Asia. Dan was involved with all aspects of flight-line operations and maintenance, back shop avionics, electronic warfare, flight simulators, fuels, engines, and structural. He retired from the USAF in 1993.

Post retirement, Dan worked retail for several years. He was a substitute teacher for more than 20 years for the Davis School District both short and long-term assignments. He taught English, Biology, Business, Financial Literacy, and Mathematics. He taught AFJROTC for several semesters.

Dan began volunteering at the Hill Aerospace Museum in March 1994. He has been a tour-guide and has assisted with museum construction and restoration projects. Including flooring in the B-17 radio compartment, waist and tail gunner positions.

Dan enjoys walking and hiking, woodworking, antiques, military collectables and traveling, especially historic and military sites.


2022 Volunteer of the Year

Chuck Hoover

Chuck Hoover was born in Maryland. Chuck enlisted in the United States Air Force. His first duty assignment was as a structural/sheet metal repair technician on C-5 aircraft at Dover AFB, DE. In 1980, Chuck then cross trained to become an F-4 and then an F-16 Crew Chief at Luke AFB, AZ. Other F-16 assignments included Ramstein AFB, Germany, Hill AFB, UT, and Cannon AFB, NM. He has five Gulf War deployments: Desert Shield/Desert Storm, Southern Watch/Desert Fox, Northern Watch/Combat Search and Rescue, and one classified deployment. Chuck served 30 plus years in the USAF. He retired at the rank of Chief Master Sergeant in October 2005.

After USAF retirement, Chuck served as an armed contractor at NORAD, Cheyenne Mountain AFS, CO until July 2006. He then went to work for Doss Aviation and was the Chief of Aviation maintenance for the USAF’s Flight Screening/Training program for the 1st Flying Training Squadron in Pueblo, CO for six years. While at Doss, he also spent seven years at the USAF Academy as the Program Manager for all aviation maintenance for the 306th Flying Training Group until his retirement in August 2019.

He is married to Claudia Sullivan. Chuck and Claudia have two sons and seven grandchildren. He enjoys volunteering at the Hill Aerospace Museum. He has worked to restore the B-17, C-47, B-29 and F-117.

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