Event Reservation FAQs



The Museum Theater, L.S. Skaggs Gallery, Lindquist Stewart Gallery and Mazer Chapel are available for use. Note, the Museum remains open as an Air Force Field Museum for the public from 9:00AM until 4:00PM and it will not close or permit facility space users to restrict guest access to the collection during operating hours for any event.

Events may be held Tuesday through Friday and select Saturdays. Events cannot be held on Sundays or Mondays.


Use of a Green Room for preparation or rest of a distinguished visitor and/or guest(s) may be available upon request however is not guaranteed. Requests for a Green Room must be made no later than two weeks before the event. The fee for a Green Room is $20. Food is not permitted in the Green Room.


Facility users cannot reserve parking in the Museum’s public parking lot during operating-hours events. Facility users and their guests MUST park in the primary parking lot and not behind the Museum.


The Museum can support one dry run for each scheduled event. Dry runs must be approved in advance and must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance. Equipment may not be setup and left at the museum.


Operating-hours events may only have light refreshments such as a cake or cookies and bottled water. Please do not share food with guests outside of your party as the event holder is responsible all cleanup of the event including food that may have fallen on the floor. Before and after-hours events may include food and drink offerings without restrictions on type. Food is only permissible in the L.S. Skaggs and Lindquist Gallery event space.

Food and drink are prohibited in the Chapel and Theater.


Alcohol is permitted during events occurring outside of operating hours. Failure to comply with the Hill Aerospace Museum’s alcohol policy will result in the cancelation of the event.

Event holders who wish to serve and sell alcohol for an event can choose from one of our three options/providers. When the event is booked, the event holder will be notified of these options.

All alcohol consumed must be served or sold through the appropriate entity. Alcoholic beverages must NOT be self-served (i.e. BYOB)


The Museum has the following equipment available for facility user uses. The facility user is required to provide personnel for both setup, teardown, and cleaning of all equipment.


  • Stage 1
  • Chairs 180
  • Tables: 6ft round 27, 8ft long 17, Cocktail 27, 22, 38
  • Projector and screen 1
  • Podium 2
  • Wingback chairs 3
  • Sound system (music/talk) 1
  • Garbage cans and liners 4

The Museum DOES NOT provide event support personnel or the following items:

  • Tablecloths
  • Lectern for guest books
  • Flags and/or flag stands
  • Water/glasses for speakers
  • Office and technical supplies (pointers, computers, paper, tape, scissors, etc.).
  • Workstations or access to computers/internet
  • Extension cords/power strips
  • Easels