STEM Summer Passport

This year, we are going Virtual for our STEM Summer Passport Program. Each Friday, our education team will stream programming on Facebook Live—allowing students of all ages to participate in our easy, unique STEM experiments from home! Dates and lessons listed below, and the link to program streaming is: This program requires a specialized passport, so participants may visit the museum airpark Fridays between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm to get this product and have it stamped by education staff as classes are completed. Those wishing to avoid contact may download the passport and instructions on our website at: www.aerospaceutah. org/education/stem-summer-passport. After students have participated in all virtual activities, they can visit the museum airpark on Friday during the aforementioned hours to receive a special Air Force pin and graduation certificate.

Weber County RAMP is a part of the STEM Summer Passport program.


Click Here to Download The 2020 STEM Summer Passport Information Sheet!

These are the descriptions for each class and the materials you need for each one.