Gen. (USAF Ret.) Robert C. Oaks was honored today at the Hill Aerospace Museum

News February 14, 2017

Gen. (Ret.) Robert C. Oaks was honored today at the Hill Aerospace Museum byy Community Nursing Services of Utah. His certificate read, “In appreciation of your tireless efforts of our United States Armed Forces. We honor your service, your courage, and most of all your sacrifices. Your dedication to the United States of America, its ideals, and its military is commendable.”

Gen Oaks entered Active Duty in the United States Air Force on 6 June 1959 as a 2nd Lt., via a commission through the United States Air Force Academy. He retired from Active Duty on 1 September 1994 at the rank of General.

While serving in the position as Commander of the United States Air Forces in Europe, he was involved in dropping relief pallets to beleaguered Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina and actually flew on a number of those missions.

General Oaks was awarded the Order of the Sword, which is the highest honor bestowed by the enlisted force, while he was the Commander of Air Training Command.

While at Air Training Command, General Oaks was involved in the search of a new training aircraft to replace the T-37 trainer. He flew in numerous different aircraft as the command searched for a replacement trainer as well as a new multi-engine trainer.

General Oaks received the Distinguished Flying Cross for one of the missions he flew over Vietnam, where he led a flight of F-100Ds that dropped bombs on attacking Viet Cong and saved a Green Beret outpost from being overrun by enemy forces.

General Oaks and his wife Gloria reside in North Salt Lake. They are the parents of six children.

A heartfelt thank you to General Robert C. Oaks for his selfless service to the United States of America.

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