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Discover the power and majesty of American air power from the earliest days of the Wright brothers to the Second World War; from the Cold War to cutting-edge, modern aircraft of the 21st century.

With over 70 aircraft on display, and thousands of historical Air Force artifacts, Hill Aerospace Museum offers an incredible opportunity for discovery and excitement for the whole family! Founded in 1981, the museum is part of the United States Air Force Heritage Program and is supported by the Aerospace Heritage Foundation of Utah. Whether it’s seeing the first aircraft ever manufactured, the lumbering B-17, the speed-demon SR-71 or the one-and-only F-117 Stealth Fighter, Hill is a perfect location to unlock your inner child. With free admission for visitors, Hill Aerospace Museum is a great destination all year long.

Hill Aerospace Museum’s STEAM Summer Passport Program will take place from June 15th through August 6th this year! Join us in-person Thursday through Saturday for science lessons with fun experiments! Those wishing to join us for lessons with a special focus on history and art can join us both in person at the museum or virtually on Wednesdays at 11:00 A.M. After students have participated in five classes, they may report to the museum staff to receive a special pin and graduation certificate. Event registration will be required. All programming is FREE. Registration opens May 4th, 2022.

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STEAM Summer Passport

From June 15 through August 6, 2022

L.S. Skaggs Gallery

New Gallery Now Open

Our new gallery, the L.S. Skaggs Gallery, is now open to the public.

Virtual Tours

Hill Aerospace Museum is now offering Virtual Tours of a number of different aircraft. These Virtual Tours give you an up close and personal tour of both the exterior and the interior of the aircraft. Take a moment and take a look for yourself.

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