B-52G “Stratofortress”

News, Plane of the Week August 22, 2017

Boeing B-52 G-100-BW “Stratofortress”

S/N: 58-0191


Crew:                                  Six

Engines:                             Eight P&W J57-P-43WB turbojets, 13,750 lbs thrust each w/ water injection

Wingspan:                         185 ft 0 in

Length:                               160 ft 10.9 in

Height:                                40 ft 8 in

Weight:                              Empty:                 168,445 lbs;        max:      488,000 lbs

Speed:                                636 mph max at 20,800 ft; 523 mph cruise

Range:                                4,100 miles 1/10,000 lb bomb load; 7,967 miles ferry

Service Ceiling:                 47,000 ft

Armament:                        Four .5 in machine guns; payload 50,000 lbs bombs and missiles

Cost:                                    $30,000,000 approximate


Nicknamed “Bearing’ Arms,” the B-52G located at the Hill Aerospace Museum was manufactured by Boeing in Wichita, Kansas, and delivered to the United States Air Force on October 16, 1959. It was first assigned to the 72ND Bombardment Wing (Heavy) at Ramsey Air Force Base in May, 1962, but later returned to the Boeing factory for wing modification and strengthening to counteract the fatigue cracks occurring in the B-52 fleet.


After modifications, the aircraft was stationed at Beale Air Force Base, with the 456th Bombardment Wing (Heavy). The 456th completed deployments to Anderson Air Base, Guam, with this aircraft. After seven transfers to different units, spanning more than 20 years, , it moved to its final duty station with the 93rd Bombardment Wing (Heavy) at Castle Air Force Base in December 1988.


Finally, in 1991, the Air Force dropped the Stratofortress from its inventory and made it available to the Air Force Museum Program. In that same year, the B-52G’s final flight was from Castle Air Force Base to Hill Air Force Base to be placed on display at the Hill Aerospace Museum.

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