Curtiss JN-4D “Jenny”

Plane of the Week, News September 5, 2017

Curtiss JN-4D “Jenny”

N5001 (S/N 5002)


Crew:                                                 Two

Engines:                                            One Curtiss OX-5 reciprocating V-8 of 500 cu in; 90 hp

Upper Wingspan:                           43 ft 7 3/8 in

Lower Wingspan:                            33 ft 11 1/4 in

Length:                                              27 ft 4 in

Height:                                               9 ft 11 in

Weight:                                             1,430 lbs

Speed:                                               cruise: 65 mph; max: 75 mph

Service Ceiling:                                about 10,000 ft

Armament:                                       None



Originally manufactured by the Springfield Airplane Company in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1918, the JN-4D the most notable American aircraft in World War I was nicknamed “Jenny” by sluffing the “JN.” While in service, the Jenny had two careers. First, the Jenny was a trainer. After the War, it flew as barnstormer/air show performer. Driving its second career was the fact it sold for $50 after World War I. One of the most loved early American airplanes, the Jenny was flown by most famous pilots of the time.


The Aerospace Heritage Foundation of Utah acquired this aircraft for the Hill Aerospace Museum from the estate of Jim Nissen of Livermore, California. Jim Nissen purchased the remains of the Jenny in 1958, and spent years restoring it to airworthiness. The aircraft is painted in the early Army Air Service colors; it made its first post-restoration flight in April 1976.


This Curtiss made a public debut in May 1976 at the Watsonville Antique Fly-In, where it was unanimously awarded the Grand Champion Trophy. Over the next two decades, the Jenny made occasional appearances at fly-ins and airshows around northern California

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