Introducing the C-130 Experience!

Events, News, Education Center, STEM May 27, 2019

The time is officially here! The C-130 Experience at the Hill Aerospace Museum is now open to the public. Museum Staff and Volunteers have been working hard to convert a C-130E into an immersive learning space for kids and adults to enjoy. This experience is a one of a kind in Utah, and one of the few in the United States.

In the C-130 experience, you will find out about the history of the C-130. This plane has the amazing ability to do so many jobs it is sometimes called the “Swiss Army Knife” of planes. After learning about this plane, tour our C-130 cabin and cargo bay. While inside the C-130 Experience, you will get sights, smells, and sounds from the aircraft!

The C-130 is experience is reservable during the school year, and will be part of the STEM Summer Passport Program! 

For more information on the Education Center at the Hill Aerospace Museum, Click Here!

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